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Continue deadheading annuals and perennials. You can divide and transplant perennials once the temperature begins to drop a little.

Keep watering gardens and lawns. Water long enough to wet several inches down into soil. Do not water again until the top 1-2 inches dries out.

Deep water your trees by putting a soaker hose around the drip line and let it run overnight.

Woody perennials, shrubs and trees begin to harden off for the winter. Do not fertilize until next year.

Yellow jackets are very active this month. Be prepared with wasp and yellow jacket sprays for troublesome pests. But yellow jackets are actually beneficial for your garden and yard, so if they aren't bothering you, don't harm them.

Overripe fruit on a plant will prevent the smaller fruit from developing. Harvest vegetables as they ripen.

Squash that produces blossoms but no fruit may mean lack of pollination. Hot weather, heavy irrigation or lack of bee activity may be the cause.

Vegetable gardens need consistent and correct watering now to avoid blossom end rot and knobby potatoes.



If necessary, renew mulch around vegetable plants. It will help keep soil temperatures cooler and prevent evaporation.

Harvest beans, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, carrots and summer squash. You can dig potatoes when the tops begin to yellow. Take care not to overwater potatoes for the rest of the season.

Feed strawberries in mid-August for good fruit production next year.

Prune trees now until the leaves start to drop. Contact Master Gardeners or a certified arborist for information on proper pruning techniques.

Continue to feed, water and deadhead annuals. Containers need more frequent watering during hot weather.

Late August is an excellent time to begin lifting and separating spring flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc.)

Don't spray pesticides during hot weather. If you must spray, do it in the late evening hours after the temperatures drop. This includes insecticidal soaps.




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